Vinyl Siding and Aluminium Siding Painting

Change the look of Your Home with Color!

Does your home have faded, worn, vinyl siding or aluminum siding? If so painting vinyl siding or aluminum siding can be an economical way to get a new look and add to your homes curb appeal and value. Painting vinyl siding or aluminum siding improves its durability, and it is less expensive to upgrade than painting wood, masonry, or hardy board surfaces. The reason is that the vinyl siding and aluminum siding does not retain moisture, so it is easy to clean and dries quickly. Re painting offers long lasting benefits to your siding. When done properly, exterior painting of aluminum siding or vinyl siding comes out looking terrific

Save Money

Painting your vinyl or aluminum siding can save you up to 70% over the cost of replacement and the painting work can be completed in less than have the time. You'll have a brand new look for a lot less money. A Perfect Paint Job can restore weathered or faded siding to a factory new appearance, while improving the value of your home. You can update a home's color scheme for enhanced curb appeal and while protecting the siding from the elements with the latest coating technology.

Preparation for Vinyl and Aluminium Siding Painting

In preparation for painting, Power Washing the surface to remove any chalking, mold, mildew or other residue is necessary. This will ensure maximum adhesion with the new painting. At A Perfect Paint Job, we spot-prime any bare aluminum siding areas, and we also fill any pitted or porous areas prior to painting. As with all vinyl siding or aluminum siding a pressure washing every spring will maintain the appearance and extend the life of your painting job.

The best way of painting vinyl or aluminum siding is with an airless sprayer that leaves a nice, smooth, factory-type finish of the new color on the siding and prevents any type of brush strokes or roller marks. Airless sprayers produce little over spray & therefore paint goes on your house, not on shrubs, trees & plants. When painting your vinyl or aluminum siding, A Perfect Paint Job will protect the surrounding area to ensure that a clean and detailed job is performed.

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