Power Washing

power washing before the painting process

Power washing can be very effective in removing deposits prior to a painting job on the exterior of your home. Power washing cleans without damaging the surface. We believe at A Perfect Paint Job that the power washing of a substrate prior to painting is a critical part of the overall painting process. Power washing is a key to adding many more years to the life expectancy of a painting job.


The longevity of your new paint job will be greatly enhanced because the sub surface was properly cleaned and prepared with power washing. A mild cleaning in the years to come of your new paint job will also lengthen the life span of that new painting work.

power washing for general use

Power Washing by A Perfect Paint Job is an excellent method of removing dirt, mold and mildew which contributes to the deterioration of your home’s exterior surfaces. Whether your home is brick, vinyl and aluminum siding, wood frame, or stucco power washing will clean and restore its original beauty and remove unsightly stains.

Cedar deck and fence wood turns a greyish color after being exposed to the elements after only a few years. Power washing with A Perfect Paint Job will expose the beauty of the natural cedar wood grain which has been fades by the sun or stained by sap, leaves, dirt, etc. This cleaning will also curtail premature cedar wood rot and decay which would be much more expensive to remedy. Our painters at A Perfect Paint Job also offer Cedar Deck Staining and Cedar Fence Staining services.

Aluminum and vinyl siding can also retain its new look with regular power washing. A Perfect Paint Job uses highly effective detergents and powerful power washers to clean and remove stubborn stains in order to keep your vinyl or aluminum siding looking its best. Aluminum siding is designed to be a long-term improvement to the exterior of your home so it makes sense to take care of it with regular power washing cleanings. Did you know that your aluminum siding can be painted with fresh new decorator colors? Click here on Aluminum Siding Painting to learn more!

Power washing is also effective for cleaning concrete driveways, sidewalks, and patios. The appearance of your exterior surfaces will greatly improve after power washing. For a new and exciting look, ask about our Concrete Painting service.

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