Exterior Caulking and Sealing

At A Perfect Paint Job caulking is very important both before and after painting exterior surfaces. Caulking also plays an important role in the Interior Painting process. A Perfect Paint Job uses only the finest grades of latex and silicone caulking. Our painting specialist are trained and experienced to apply the caulking to create a very professional look.


Caulking the exterior of your home is important in order to protect your investment against water and insect damage that can occur due to openings and cracks between joints along window, doors, and Aluminum Siding, Hardie Siding, and Stucco siding seams whether you are painting or not. A Perfect Paint Job pays special attention to preparing your exterior surfaces before properly painting. It’s important to realize that you are not just painting your house to make it look great, but that you are also investing in protecting it against extreme heat, cold, and moisture. In order to protect your home you have to use the right paint…but also the right type of caulking too.
Professional caulking with A Perfect Paint Job also can save you money in the long run on air conditioning and heating costs by adding to your homes insulating value. Caulking also is used to protect the wood and substrates on both the inside and outside of your home.
The two types of caulking material most commonly used are latex and silicone caulking. Both caulking types play an important role in creating protecting and lowering energy costs. Latex caulking, after it cures, offers a 50% elasticity rate; which means that when the home gets hot or cold the caulking will stretch along with the temperature, which helps to prevent cracking. Latex caulking, if used during the painting process, can be painted over so that the final look is a smooth and seamless surface.
Silicone based caulking is an excellent choice for sealing around brick, siding, windows, and doors and other surfaces that you may not be painting. Clear caulking is the most common, but is available in other complimentary colors if so desired.


During the Interior Painting process latex caulking is applied to seal in and create a seamless look between interior walls and wood trim. A Perfect Paint Job will ensure your finished painting project will look seamless and pleasing to the eye.


Even if you are not in the process of painting the exterior of your home it is still important to seal doors, windows, and siding seams with high quality caulking. A Perfect Paint Job will professionally install a high grade caulking that will protect your home for many years and save you money on energy costs.

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