Hardie Plank Painting

If your home is sided with hardie plank and in need of a quality painting make-over, then A Perfect Paint Job is the painting contractor for you. We are experts at painting hardie plank, which is a very popular siding material, with hardie plank being applied on over 4 million homes in the U.S.

What is hardie plank siding?

Hardie plank siding is a newer, very durable composite material made from a concrete substrate. Once hardie plank siding goes on a home, usually as siding or fascia boards, it is a very good solution and a long term fix to protecting the outside of the home. Hardie plank siding is now taking over as the #1 siding replacement and new build siding product being put on homes, where aluminum and vinyl used to rule.

This popular siding, is mostly comprised of cement, sand, and water making it an earth friendly siding alternative to wood with minimal maintenance and upkeep. Hardie plank siding’s proprietary manufacturing technology ensures a uniformity of composition and superiority of structural characteristics you simply cannot achieve with wood, vinyl, and other siding products. Hardie plank premium siding also resists cracking, rotting, peeling, and deterioration.

A big advantage of hardie plank siding is that, since it is made from concrete composite materials rather than wood, it doesn't’t bow much. When you are done caulking and painting it usually doesn't move as much as wood, so the caulking and siding on the home is much more secure and sealed to protect your home. A Perfect Paint Job also offers professional Aluminum Siding Painting, Vinyl Siding Painting, and Stucco House Painting services at very competitive prices.

Prep and painting options

An important step in exterior painting is caulking. A proper caulking job is essential to ensure the durability of the exterior painting project. With A Perfect Paint Job, you can be assured that our painting professionals are trained to use the specified caulk and caulking tools recommended by the manufacturer. If we are painting your Hardie plank, we will use a top quality elastomeric caulk with a high stretch capacity. This is important because Hardie plank siding expands and contracts with temperature extremes more than most caulks can handle.

Prior to painting on existing hardie plank siding it may be necessary to perform Pressure Washing prior to caulking and sealing.
A Perfect Paint Job has the right power washing equipment and knowledge to deep clean your siding to remove surface debris build up to ensure proper paint adhesion. We also use ladders to uniformly clean harder to reach areas.

Painting and color selections

Hardie plank siding is a great exterior siding product and can be painted any color, so choosing colors that blend with the surrounding area or colors that make your home a standout are yours to choose.

You have your choice of sheens to use for your homes exterior painting. Many home owners prefer a satin finish.

Eco friendly “green” paint is available for hardie plank painting.

For more information on hardie plank painting, or if you would like a free estimate from A Perfect Paint Job, fill out our online estimate form for a speedy response, or call us at 630-400-5869 and ask to speak to a hardie plank painting specialist. Call today!


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