Gutter Cleaning Service Fall 2018

Gutter Cleaning is an important part of exterior residential or commercial maintenance. Gutter cleaning prevents a buildup of debris that can lead to water damage and to the infrastructure of your home. At A Perfect Paint Job, we can perform professional gutter cleaning both as a service simply to maintain or gutter cleaning before exterior painting services are done!

Why should I be concerned about gutter cleaning

Residential and commercial gutters that haven’t been cleaned tend to be full of debris. This debris causes rain water to back up and flow over the edge. This can lead to damage to the gutters, foundation, and siding. Standing water can cause your gutters to sag and rot, leading to expensive replacement costs.

Debris filled gutters will allow snow melt to ice over (ice dams), causing the moisture to back up under your roof, leading to costly roof and interior water damage. Gutter cleaning regularly with A Perfect Paint Job will prevent expensive repairs and keep your gutters and downspouts functioning properly by allowing water to run off and away from the property.

Gutter cleaning may cost you a little over the short term, but will save you hundreds if not thousands over the long term. Many professionals in the real estate market consider gutter cleaning to be a vital home maintenance item and when purchasing a property will have home inspectors check gutters to see how well they have been serviced and if there are any repairs issues that may impact the purchase or sale.

How often is gutter cleaning necessary?

In most cases, gutter cleaning is recommended twice a year. At least once a year is highly recommended, which would be in the fall after leaves have fallen. This will prevent your gutters from getting clogged with the leaves and holding water, which will then freeze and create winter long stress and unneeded risk of damage to both the gutter system and most importantly the structure itself. Also, in the spring trees bud and produce seeds, flower, small branches, etc. that can also build up and clog your gutters.

Proper cleaning of your gutter

A Perfect Paint Job has the proper equipment and tools to safely and professionally clean your gutters. All debris is carefully removed by hand and bagged for disposal. A high pressure leaf blower or Pressure Washing machine can then deployed to completely remove residue debris and unclog any trouble spots in the downspouts.
After your gutter cleaning, the sidewalks, decks, and driveways power cleaned to leave your property looking clean and neat.

If you would like a free A Perfect Paint Job estimate for cleaning your gutters, please fill out the online estimate form for a speedy response, or call us at 630-400-5869 and ask to speak to a gutter cleaning specialist.



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