Epoxy Floor Painting

Epoxy floor coating or painting is the preferred way to improve the look and performance of commercial concrete floors in warehouses, manufacturing plants, airplane hangars, restaurants, basements, garages etc. Epoxy floor painting, due its extreme durability and strength, is also the perfect coating to use for painting your residential garage concrete floor. With a high quality epoxy coating, the garage floor will look more attractive while being well protected.epoxy floor painting



Your garage is an extension of your home

Whether you are a homeowner who always dreamed of a gorgeous showroom quality garage or basement floor, a home builder needing exceptional flooring solutions, or a car dealer needing that new garage look, then epoxy floor painting by A Perfect Paint Job is the solution for you!.

Epoxy based floor coatings are well known for durability and chemical resistance. Whether in a new construction application, a renovation project or for a concrete repair, proper application through epoxy floor painting is critical to the final appearance and long term durability of a concrete floor. The most important factor for ensuring the adhesion of an epoxy resinous coating is proper surface preparation.

Seamless epoxy floor painting is one of the most economical and aesthetically pleasing ways to enhance a plain gray concrete garage floor. These heavy-duty epoxy based systems not only upgrade the look of the floor, they also increase resiliency to stains and tire marks and hide minor imperfections. With many colors to choose from for the base coating, which can be further enhanced by decorative quartz or paint chips, garage floor coatings give you a wide array of design options.


Product choices range from a single component, low VOC coating to heavy duty, two part epoxy and also include moisture-cured urethane coatings that can withstand heavy traffic and chemical exposure. Non-slip coatings are also available when safety is a concern due to foot traffic.

At A Perfect Paint Job, we always use the best garage floor coatings while performing concrete floor painting.
Our garage floor coating service improves the look and feel of your garage. We have a wide range of colors to choose from and our floor painting experts can help you select the product and color based on your needs. At A Perfect Paint Job, your satisfaction is our most important goal.

A Perfect Paint Job is your epoxy garage floor coatings expert and we are trained and skilled in the proper preparation and application techniques of epoxy coatings and concrete floor coatings. We will make your concrete floor chemical resistant to automotive fluids and other household spills. Our floor coatings are designed to be slip resistant even when wet, therefore improving safety. Your newly finished floor is easily cleaned with soap and water. Your brand new garage floor’s painted surface will be durable and seamless without joints to harbor bacteria, insects or dirt.

Over the lifetime of our epoxy floor painting product, you will appreciate its super strength, adherence, and low maintenance features. Designed as an overlay coating to new or existing floors, an epoxy floor coating protects your home or business from stains, water damage, and wear and tear from constant use.

A Perfect Paint Job provides the ultimate in experience, professionalism, affordable pricing, and customer service. Our painting experts deliver top notch craftsmanship, years of application experience, and extraordinary attention to detail during your concrete floor painting experience.

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