Deck and Fence Painting and Staining

exterior wood painting

A Perfect Paint Job believes painting or staining a deck or fence is important to making it last. The condition of the wood on your deck or fence can add to or take away from the curb appeal and value of your house. Decks and fences take a lot of abuse, both from use and through continued exposure to the harsh Chicago land weather. After only a few years the wood can become weathered.

A Perfect Paint Job has over 15 years of experience with deck and fence painting & staining. Your deck or fence can experience either painting or staining depending on the type of wood and the color you are looking for. Deck and fence painting and staining is a very popular service being performed today but it is not done properly in most situations. The most important factors in wood deck or fence painting or staining is knowing what type of existing surface is being painted and the quality of the preparation work on your deck or fence.

As the surface of a wood fence or deck is exposed to sunlight, dirt, mildew, rain or snow it eventually deteriorates or fades in appearance. This phenomenon occurs very rapidly to unprotected wood. Even the toughest deck or fence finish will succumb to weathering within a few years and will need to be refinished. A proper cleaning is an essential first-step in the refinishing of wood fences.

At A Perfect Paint Job, we believe that superior surface preparation is the key to outstanding results. Prep the deck or fence right, and the wood will be protected for the maximum amount of years.
Our deck or fence staining team will expose the beauty of the natural wood grain which is faded from natural weathering or being masked by dirt, tree sap etc. This cleaning will also curtail premature wood rot and decay which would be much more expensive to remedy.

POWER WASHING: Our qualified painting and staining experts will perform Power Washing on the wood surface. Depending on the wood type the technician determines and regulates the required water pressure to clean properly but not damage the surface. If needed, a commercial grade biodegradable cleaner is applied and rinsed from the wood surface to assist in the power washing process.

Deck and fence paints and stains can be applied in a few different ways. Brushing, rolling and spraying are the techniques used by the professionals at A Perfect Paint Job.

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