Wood Staining for the summer of 2018

A Perfect Paint Job knows it’s important to maintain the finish on your siding or deck to ensure longevity! When talking about cedar staining, many people use the word “painting”, when in fact the difference between painting and staining is enormous. Paints work by coating a surface with a protective film, while most wood stains penetrate into the wood. This is why cedar staining projects are usually lower maintenance than painting. When applied properly, they do not peel or blister, and generally look good even while they are naturally wearing away.

Exterior wood stains come in multiple formulations

When wood staining you are not limited to natural wood colors only - these days you can find such exterior wood staining colors like blue, gray, green and many more.

Transparent and semi-transparent exterior wood staining looks best on woods that are in good condition. Exterior wood staining will enrich the look of the wood, while bringing out the natural beauty and texture of the wood. Also these exterior wood stains allow the underlying wood grain to show through, but will show any existing wood defects or discoloration. Such exterior wood staining projects can only be done on new or previously stained wood.

Solid or opaque exterior wood stain looks almost like paint just only thinner. They will cover wood grain, but will still show the wood's texture. This type of exterior wood staining hides poor quality wood, poor grain or superficial flaws. Solid exterior wood stains are generally softer than paint, so they are not recommended for staining a deck floor and other high traffic areas, but on the vertical surfaces they last longer than transparent and semi-transparent exterior wood staining applications. Solid exterior wood stains do not soak into the wood, and can be used over bare or previously stained, primed or painted surfaces. Staining also protects the wood from the elements which we know here in Chicago land can be very harsh.


Most importantly before you start exterior wood staining, you must ensure the surface is clean from any dirt, debris, shavings, oil, grease mold or mildew. It also must be completely dry or the exterior wood stain will not penetrate or adhere to the surface properly. Cleaning the surface is straightforward. Power washing with a mild detergent will clean the surface sufficiently, but mold and mildew needs a bit more attention.

At A Perfect Paint Job we will transform your vision into a reality. We have years of experience finishing a wide variety of wood projects. Our professional painting and exterior wood staining experts are some of the best in the business and will make your wood product look great and last for years to come. At A Perfect Paint Job we approach every project with the highest level of quality craftsmanship. With over 15 years of experience, you can depend on us deliver top quality services at a price that you can afford.

A Perfect Paint Job also performs exterior Vinyl Siding Painting, Aluminum Siding Painting, and Stucco Home Painting.

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