Accent Wall Painting

Accent wall painting is an excellent way to add color and dimension to a room

 If you desire to add more color to your interior spaces, accent wall painting by A Perfect Paint Job is the perfect solution for you. There are several different techniques of accent wall painting to choose from that can add elegance, create harmony, or change the look and feel of a room. Accent walls are a creative design solution to the monotony of single colored walls.

A Perfect Paint Job offers several different options for accent wall painting:

Half and half wall painting

Incorporate an additional color in planning your new color scheme. Simply divide the walls equally into two parts and paint either the top or bottom half in a different color. Use your existing furniture, fabric patterns, and décor to look for
colors that will inspire.
Two tone accent wall painting will add elegance to a room, and also help alter the dimensional appearance of your space…. this simple technique will add flair and individuality to your space.

Harmonious Accent Wall painting

You can create a harmonious accent wall painting by coordinating shades of the same color family in the same room. Both deep and neutral shades on different walls are excellent color choices to give a room’s atmosphere a touch of sophistication.

formal accent wall painting

By incorporating the use of a color contrast in your existing wood moldings, you can give your room a formal feeling. You can also add inexpensive moldings, such as a chair rail to produce a very elegant appearance to a space, such as a dining room. A Perfect Paint Job is an expert at Trim Painting. You can also paint your crown molding to complete the look.
Rich, deep colors and dark neutrals work best at giving your room a formal feel. If you are desiring more of a relaxing and welcoming feel, select a shade with a warm undertone. A minimum of three colors is necessary to complete this look. Choose two colors for your walls and one for your molding.

high ceiling accent painting

The two-toned wall technique is used most frequently as a method to make rooms with high ceilings seem smaller or more proportional. By bringing the ceiling color down onto the wall, you extend its appearance, thus shortening the perceivable height of the wall.
To make the coordination of your two-toned space easier, consider using one of your wall colors for the trim. To offset the wall from the trim, use the selected color in a different sheen, such as semi-gloss or high gloss.

wall stripping

Two-toned walls can also be a great way to add an accent color to your décor. Choose a bright or deep color that coordinates with both your current wall color and interior décor. Paint a single vertical stripe, or several across your wall.
If you merely want to add some visual interest to a room, use a darker or lighter shade of the color of the rest of your room. Even just changing the finish on the paint you use for your accent wall can make a subtle yet visually interesting difference.
If you want to be more bold paint your room in a neutral shade and have your accent wall be a pop of vibrant color. For even more drama, create bold stripes on your accent wall to further attract the eye.

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